My 2020 Goals and Resolution

My 2020 Goals & Resolution! What’s Yours?

Happy New Year Everyone! Welcome to 2020! 2020 reached off 2 years of me developing my skills in Web Design & Digital Marketing. And yeah that’s still counting! I’m so proud of 2018 for jumping into this industry. I push and challenge my self to grow and develop my skills in designing websites and yeah I’ve already made lots of big plans for 2020.

By the way, for you who don’t know me 🙂 My name is Andra, I’m a full-time office worker, part-time virtual assistant, freelance web designer, and the mama of Bene and Dali (my beautiful cats) 🙂 and yes this is my first blog!


So Here’s what I aim to accomplish:

1. Start Creating a Blog
At the start I was thinking maybe you should just forget it – it’s too much work! You don’t know where to start! Who cares! Who will read your blog! And I am not a great writer!

But then exactly at 5 pm today, after eating my noodles, I decided to Go For It!
Nothing to lose! Just take a few hours of my day! And It’s a great way to express my self and also a way to share information with the online world right?

I believe by doing blogging or try something new, it will make my self become a better person and surely better writer 🙂 haha

So my blog will be sharing knowledge about building a website, especially with WordPress, Social Media Facebook, Instagram or another platform, Travel and my daily experiences :). And I am hoping to receive ideas with other like-minded people as well.

2. Post on Social Media @webstations At Least 3 Times a Week
So at @webstation is where I market my Web Design Business. So here I will be sharing more of my work, share tips about digital marketing, well just focusing to promote more my business to be more organize and consistent.

To achieve this, I will be using a social media scheduling app such as Hootsuite or Later and creating the post content every weekend for the week ahead 🙂

3. Attending More Workshop
Here are the most attractive for me, I once went to a workshop learning about WordPress at Outpost Co-Working. Honestly wasn’t much help the issue that I had, but it was great, I am getting to know the problem from other people and get to know how to fix it, which this help me and teach me the new skills!

Also, when you in there, you have a different atmosphere, you have the motivation to work more to complete your project. The workshop allows you to interact and share ideas with other people. So yeah, I will be surely waiting for a great upcoming workshop.

Last is, you will meet a new friend 🙂 Which I did, and I am so glad to meet her 🙂 She’s a great person and has Enthusiasm for everything. Which is great surrounding with good people 🙂

This is the list of Co-Working Space that holds great workshops!
Outpost Coworking Space – Canggu, Ubud
Hubud Coworking Space – Ubud

Well, here it is my list! That’s it for now, reach my writing limits already 🙂 But grateful that finally, I did it! Thanks for everyone who read my first blog! Pardon me for my English, I know I made a ton of mistakes! haha And see you in my next blog!

Comment down below for your 2020 Goals & Resolution! I would like to hear about it!

Once again, Happy New Year Everyone!!

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